One of the best parts of being based out of San Tan Valley is that we have so many people moving in from all over the country. The population growth in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and Florence is incredible. Of course one of the immediate things that the new residents notice is that we have some water quality issues. Often we see people who are now trying to decipher all of the water treatment industry “jargon”. For many it can be overwhelming as they have never had to deal with this before. One of our customers gave us a challenge and asked us to sum it up into a couple of sentences and keep it simple.

Reverse Osmosis: Absolutely great for drinking water! No need for all the bottled water, but check the efficiency as they can waste a LOT of water when not done correctly.

Water Softening: A salt or potassium based system which removes the hardness from the water so that it doesn’t build up in the appliances and create all the spots.

Water Purification: Usually this means the unit will be running some type of Carbon to reduce or eliminate chemicals in the water.

Water Conditioning: This can be tricky because some units defined as a conditioner go after hard water while others focus more on chemicals.

Whole House Filtration: Similar to conditioning companies can use this term to describe everything from a giant refrigerator filter to a system that will take care of hard water, heavy metal, chemicals, inorganic. If you are trying to make heads or tails of all this water lingo and decipher all the different options give us a call. We specialize in the water here in Arizona, specifically in San Tan Valley and Queen Creek where well water is used. We will come out and have a simple conversation with you to help guide you through the options so that you can find the best option for your family and your budget.