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Whole House Filtration

Looking to go beyond just soft water and target additional contaminants? If so, Whole House Filtration may be the right option for you. While water softening targets hard water issues, it does not go after heavy metals or chemical contaminants such as Chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides. Removing the additional contaminants produces clean water for bathing keeping those harsh contaminants off of your family’s skin. Additionally, many of the odors caused by water such as the Chlorine smell can be rectified with Whole House Filtration. Our Whole House Filtration utilizes multiple filtration medias in several stages in order to produce bottle-quality water at each tap in the house. To determine if this option is right for your family, have one of our technicians out to test the water and speak with you in regards to your specific water concerns.

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Water Softening

Tired of dishes coming out of the dishwasher spotted, squeeging your shower glass after each shower, and having build up on faucets and showerheads? Softening your water can correct these hard water problems.

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Arizona is known for hard water due to our climate and water sources. As a result we deal with harder water than most of the country. Hard water can damage pluming, appliances, faucets, showerheads, and toilets. Additionally, hard water creates problems with the laundry, dishes, shower glass, and pretty much anything it comes in contact with. Besides being a destructive nuisance to your house hard water can contribute to dry itchy skin, eczema, and dry hair. For these reasons people choose to soften their water.

Reverse Osmosis

Looking for pure drinking water and tired of lugging cases of water or swapping out the water cooler jugs? Reverse Osmosis purifies the water right there in your home and eliminates the needs for all the lifting and lugging. Just lift the phone to give us a call!

Reverse Osmosis is a process of pushing water across a semi permeable membrane in order to remove contaminants from the water. San Tan Water Solutions utilizes the latest membrane technology to reduce the typical waste of a Reverse Osmosis. Now you can utilize a Reverse Osmosis to have great tasting and clean drinking water without wasting 4 gallons to get it. (Or: No more half empty bottles of water and all kinds or bottles to deal with grab a glass and fill up)

No Salt Systems

No Salt Systems:

For some people, a Salt-Free system can be the answer. However, people are often misled to believe that a salt-less system can fix their hard water problems. Unfortunately, companies like to portray a salt-less option as the cure-all because it has no wasted water from a regeneration cycle and no salt to be added. San Tan Water Solutions has salt-less systems available. Of course, we need to understand your water concerns and needs to know if a salt-less unit will address your water issues. Schedule one of our technicians to come out and test your water so we can advise on your specific water and concerns.