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Whole House Filtration – East Valley

Looking to go beyond just softening your water? Whole House Filtration produces bottle quality water at every tap in the house. Imagine bathing in water without all the chemicals and the kids being able to drink water from the tap safely.



Water Softening – San Tan Water Solutions

Tired of dishes coming out of the dishwasher spotted, always having to use a squeegee on your shower glass after each shower, and having build up on faucets and shower-heads? Softening your water can correct these hard water problems.

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Reverse Osmosis – Free Water

Looking for pure drinking water and tired of lugging cases of water or swapping out the water cooler jugs? Reverse Osmosis purifies the water right there in your home and eliminates the needs for all the lifting and lugging.

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The Ultimate Whole House
Water Filter System

Schedule a visit with one of our qualified technicians and get your water tested. Serving San Tan Valley, Florence, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Chandler, Coolidge, Casa Grande in Arizona

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Clean and Soft Water for Every Home. 

Water Solutions in San Tan Valley. Serving entire East Valley residents.

Discover San Tan Water Systems

Much like oxygen, water is vital to life. You consume water every day and bathe in it. Not only does clean and soft water benefit your house, plumbing, and appliances, but it also benefits your body. Something as vital to life as water should be good for you. Don’t you deserve the best? Let us find the best solutions for your needs.

Shower and bathe in Spring-like Water l San Tan Valley

For better, more luxurious bathing, softened water gives you the best of both worlds: smooth, glistening skin and soft, fluffy towels and laundry you can’t wait to slip into.

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*Also, receive a $20 gift card for your time.

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The staff at STWS is courteous and friendly and most important, helped me keep my budget in check… The system Thomas helped me select has fit my needs perfectly… The “after purchase” services they offer are wonderful for a senior woman on a very fixed income, like me… I really appreciate that STWS.. You’re truly the best in the Phoenix area…. Thank you, a satisfied customer!
Linda W.
This company is amazing; they are very customer oriented and will do everything in their power to ensure that you understand the products and are satisfied with the products. Grant made this process probably one of the best customer service experiences that we have ever had and we will recommend and promote this company as long as we can!!! Thank you so much!!!

Allison T.
Not once did we feel pushed into purchasing the system – we were impressed by Grant’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and belief in his product. Any questions we have had have been answered personally and the customer care is second to none.
Duncan F.
Great company with wonderful customer service. These guys were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. They were very helpful and knowledgeable about the industry and there products. I would highly recommend San Tan Water Solutions. Thanks again for a job well done!
Byron C.
It’s been a really long time since a person and a company has impressed me this much with the sales and service experience that I got from San Tan Water Solutions. The best part is the water quality that we have in our home now to drink, wash dishes with, shower, and cook with. Our ice cubes don’t have that cloudiness to them anymore, they’re totally clear!
Sally V.
We were happy immediately pleased with our investment after day one. No more trips to SAM’s club to buy 6 cases of water every 3 weeks and no more dry skin.
Grant L.
In today’s world, it’s refreshing to find a company that lives up to its promises. If you are looking for a fantastic RO, soft water or combination Please let them show you the benefits of installing their system and the people that back it up. I can vouch that you will be pleasantly surprised.
Rich L.
Great team and worked very well with my tight schedule. They explained in detail what they have to offer and also were very thorough in the water testing process.
Russ M.

Get in Touch with Us l Easy Valley Experts

Choosing San Tan Water Solutions means absolute peace of mind. One reason: you can call on us anytime, or use e-mail if you prefer, and you will always get a timely response whatever your concerns. We guarantee it!