One of the questions we are frequently asked is “Does my water supplier add Flouride?”

Currently in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Tempe are the east valley cities which add Flouride to the water. Queen Creek does not add Flouride to their water as it is naturally occurring and according to their website can range from . 4-.6 parts per million. San Tan Valley which is serviced by several water providers including Johnson Utilities and Diversified Water. Neither of these water providers are adding Flouride presently. 

Remove Flouride a Reverse Osmosis – San Tan, Gilbert, Mesa

For those looking to remove Flouride a Reverse Osmosis is usually the most practical solution when it comes to drinking water. Depending on the Reverse Osmosis and several factors you can typically count on a 80% or greater reduction of Flouride when processed through a Reverse Osmosis. As always check with the manufacturer or your local water professional with specific questions in regards to Flouride or if a Reverse Osmosis is the right solution for your drinking water. 

Flouride for an entire home a Reverse Osmosis – RO

When targeting Flouride for an entire home a Reverse Osmosis is not practical. Usually for an application such as this Bone Char Carbon would be used. Bone Char Carbon is produced from cow bones which are cleaned then dried in the sun before being burned. To keep things simple for the purpose of this discussion when using Bone Char Carbon try to verify its quality, especially if the water will be for drinking.   Afterall the water will be running across burnt cow bones and it is always better to make sure you know the quality or origin of cattle being used. 

If you have more specific questions or concerns in regards to Flouride feel free to give us a call and schedule some time to speak with one of our technicians. 

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